Ecig Liquid Selection Tips

Choosing the best e-cig liquid can be difficult if you do not know some of the basic selection tips provided by product manufacturers and experienced e-cig smokers. Did you know that there are over 20 different flavors of electronic cigarette liquid that you can enjoy at any given time? Here are some ecig liquid selection tips to help you get the best flavors in the market.

Best Ecig Liquid Selection Tips

1.Buy your E-cigs from Reputable Manufacturers

One of the most important things to consider when choosing e-cig liquid is the reputation of the manufacturing company. It is always important that you buy established e-cig brands that have a large number of users. You can determine the reputation of an e-cig company by looking at the customer feedback on their website. This will help you avoid buying your e-liquid flavors from fraudulent companies that mix harmful ingredients in order to make more profit.

2.Check the Nicotine Content on E-Cig Liquids

Nicotine is a very addictive substance that should be taken moderately in order to avoid health problems. Some e-liquid flavors contain high nicotine levels per mg and can cause harm to your body. If you are not an experienced smoker, start with e-liquid brands that have low nicotine content. Experienced e-smokers should find a way of regulating their daily nicotine intake by shopping for new e-liquid vapors with reduced nicotine levels. This can help curb the ever-increasing number of health problems related to high nicotine intake.

3.Check the PG/VG Ratio

The Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio in e-liquids is an important feature that you should consider when shopping for e-cig flavors. Although the preference for PG/VG ratio varies from one smoker to another, a combination ranging from 70% PG/30% VG to 50% PG/ 50% VG is highly recommended to beginners. Of course, you can later on increase the ratio to your preferred levels after you have become more experienced in e-cigarette smoking.

4.Pick Different e-Liquid Flavors

Picking different kinds of e-liquid flavors can help you find one that fits your needs in the best way. Flavors such as vanilla, menthol and cherry are common among e-cig smokers. Others such as tobacco and coffee flavored e-liquids are also available for beginners and experienced smokers. You should try all these flavors and find one or two that make you feel great. Remember that some e-liquids also combine two or more flavors in order to improve on user’s experience.

5.Compare e-Cigarette Liquid Prices

The cost of buying e-cig liquid depends on a number of factors. The brand name, content flavor, nicotine percentage and where you shop for the e-cig liquid will determine how much you pay for the products. It is always important to compare the cost of buying e-liquid from different vendors before picking the most affordable. Sometimes it is also good to spend more but get quality e-cig juice that will provide great sensation when vaporizing the content.

Hopefully you will find these ecig liquid selection tips useful as you look for top-quality products to satisfy your smoking urge. Remember to always buy e-cig liquid from stores located near you in order to reduce shipping costs.